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Service Policy

    (1)Service Commitment

    We promise to provide whole process services including free "turnkey project", consulting, project feasibility & efficiency analysis, machine selection, plant layout design, electrical resource allocation, window production diagram, worker training, software, equipment installation, on-site production guidance until the production of qualified products.


    ①.Providing reasonable configuration according to production capacity and automation degree.
    ②.24 hours timely services to major cities in china, 8 hours in province.
    ③.Providing supplier and industry information for window door accessories, curtain wall products. 
    ④.Rapid supply of machine spare parts.
    ⑤.Providing timely visit services.
    ⑥.Dissatisfied quality of service can be responded to general manager directly.
    ⑦.Machine main components adopt international brands, and using international standardized production processes.


    (2)Machine Quality Assurance

    We commit that all machines and spare parts are produced by original manufacturer, in line with national standards and exceed industry standards. Machine main components adopt international brands, and using international standardized production processes. Many machines are approved by European CE and Swiss SGS certification, PARKER machines have been exported to over 60 countries and regions, and have been widely recognized by customers worldwide.

    (3)Installation and Integration  

    ①. We provide free installation and integration services, after machines arriving at demand-side, we will arrange technicians for installation until the  production of qualified products.
    ②. Each device has a safety ground wire, safety switches to ensure safe using. Machines movement are carried by demand-side,installation work is carried by our technical staff, technical staff of demand-side should help to provide conditions of empty and load tests.
    ③. If you have to move or replace equipment in the future venue, we can provide free on-site guidance and installation again.


    (4)Operation and Training

    After installation is accepted, our technical staff will provide on-site training of machines operation and maintenance. In addition to the normal installation, we can also provide window design staff,machine operators and maintenance staff for demand side, all these work is made in our venues.

    (5)Spare Parts

    ①. Providing free spare parts, accompanied when loading machines.
    ②. Providing list of vulnerability and consumables also best price of these spare parts, in case of timely replacement of the demand side.


    (6)Regular visits and Maintenance support

    ①. We have annual visit for all customers, to solve the problem usually encountered, and training for new operators.
    ②. The warranty period is one year from date of installation, and we will provide long time support. During the warranty period, any problem, we will arrange technicians for repair, cost is carried byour side.
    ③. Timely inform demand-side to participate in our organization of maintenance and new technology.  
    ④. After the warranty expires, our company will provide free technical advice, responsible for lifetime maintenance, and best price for spare parts and product upgrades.


    (7)Appreciation of Service

    ①. Free provision software upgrades and updates.
    ②. Providing the latest global information for windows and curtain wall annually.
    ③. Free provision of "machine operation, precautions and maintenance procedures" hanging billboards, to facilitate daily management of demand-side.


24-hour service:400-680-8030
spare parts service:+86-531-88075288

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