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Alu-window-door Pneumatic Crimping Machine D5

Range of application:For aluminum window-door single corner crimping, not limit for frame size
Product introduction:

Used for connection of 90°angle structure of aluminium doors and windows

  • Feature and Parameters



     ◆Used for connection of 90°angle structure of aluminium doors and windows with pneumatic system via simple operation.
    ◆The main positioning device can be adjusted up and down, easy and stable to change the frames.
    ◆One-way valve is equipped to make sure the main positioning device not move back.
    ◆Rulers and magnets inside the machine are equipped, more convenient to change cutters through adjusting screws.
    ◆Mixed layers designed for better processing sash.
    ◆When processing one kind of profile, write down the figure and when process next time, no need to rule it again.
    ◆ The new linkage structure makes corner-assembling synchronous.
    ◆ Left and right punching heads feed synchronous to avoid deforming in corner-assembling procedure to make window corner connection more solid.
    ◆ Synchronously feeding structure makes the adjustment simple and easy.
    ◆ The blades can be adjusted up and down relatively by the threads.
    ◆ It can be equipped with single-blade multipoint blades, making the corner-forming more reliable, the work more efficient, the manufactures more precision and the quality more excellent. 


    Air pressure: 0.6-0.8MPa
    Air consumption:41L/min
    Max. width of profile: 120mm
    Total crimping pressure: 33-46KN
    Overall dimension: 1000mmx1200mmx1200mm
    Adjustable travel for main positioning device: 105mm
    Cutter travel: 8.5mm
    travel: 120mm

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