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Aluminum window door multi-location crimping machine LJJD-120E LJJD-120E

Range of application:Used for connection of single corner of Aluminum window and door, there is no limit requirements for window frame size
Product introduction:

  LJJD-120E Aluminum window door multi-location crimping machine absorb the advantages of similar products at home and abroad It is new model of our company developing and producing The machine has compact structure, large cutting range, convenient operation, high production efficiency, it’s one of Aluminum profile window door corner crimping machining equipment which is developed by our company independently Mainly used for connection of processing aluminum window door The machine structure is compact, small size, work into and profile clamping adopt pneumatic drive Wide applicability and high efficiency, which can realize continuous processing, simple but safe operation

  • Feature and Parameters

    Feature and Parameters:

    The Machine is welded by high strength rectangular tube through multiple strength calculation and analysis of bearing strength.Machine frame is handled by pickling, phosphating and artificial aging treatment,then spray painting. The machine adopts high quality electrical components ,high reliability, high efficiency, high degree of automation. The machine control system lines adopt preservative treatment, maintenance operation is safer. Pneumatic system adopts imported pneumatic components, long life, easy maintenance, is main equipment which is professional and producing excellent aluminum alloy window and door.
    1. Designed for heat insulation Aluminum window and door 45 degree corner crimping
    2. Corner crimping cutter on both sides is symmetric design,working synchronously by mechanical agencies,enhances the stability of corner crimping.
    3. Sync corner crimping device is designed for double-deck,make up and down double-deck cutter adjust relatively,thus the processing of heat insulation window is simple(traditional corner crimping machine without this function)
    4. Primary locating device is locating in the top of workbench,small volume,thereby it also can process small window,even 230mm(Width)
    5. Auxiliary locating,it’s convenient to adjust from front and back,up and down,and locating accurately.
    6. Lateral locating use disk eccentric adjusting structure, simple operation
    7. Large locating distance is available to large range of profiles.
    Technical Parameter:
    Seam of crimping error :≤0.15mm
    Air pressure:0.5—0.8 Mpa
    Air consumption:30L/min
    Size of cutter:3mm 5mm 8mm
    Max. width of profile:120mm
    Overall dimension:850mm×800mm×1100mm
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