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Alu-door-window Four Corner Automatic Crimping Machine (Updated model) LJJZ4S-CNC-1800×3000

Range of application:For aluminum window-door corner crimping, can crimp four corners at one time
Product introduction:

Fuselage of entire machine design scientific, reasonable and steadily And it welds with square steel pipe with the thickness of 10mm and make products steady when combining the corner

  • Feature and Parameters

    ◆ Fuselage of entire machine design scientific, reasonable and steadily. And it welds with square steel pipe with the thickness of 10mm and make products steady when combining the corner.

    ◆ Adopt the plunger type large-scale hydraulic pressure station, the pressure stable, offered the pressure well and the noise is low.
    ◆ The electrically controlled box independent laying independently. It is convenient, even more is advantageous for the crimping angle quality real-time monitoring. The transmission connection uses the aerospace special-purpose receptacle, safe and stable.
    ◆ Adopt original installation import flat square guide rail, which can guarantee the precision of the heads when moves horizontally. Transmission adopts the original imported installation ball bearing master screw. 
    ◆ The precision is extremely high so it can guarantee group angle quality.
    ◆ The servo controlling machines, servo motor, person-machine touching the contact surface are adopt the original imported installation of Japanese Mitsubishi system, and the increase assistance brake system. It is stable and efficiency.
    ◆ The processing smallest scope is may reach 510x510mm, the manual mediation can realized to 500x500mm, it can suitable for all kinds of windows and doors that enterprise’s processing to need.
    ◆ Used for corner punching and riveting combination of aluminum window and door four corner connecting at one time is available which greatly increased the production efficiency.
    ◆ Clamping device can adjust forward and back, it is easy to operate.
    ◆ Adopt CNC system can realize automatic and accurate locating thus can produce high accuracy windows.
    ◆ Wide profile processing range due to convenient corner combining cylinder setting.
    ◆ Suitable for various kinds high quality and high volume windows production.
    ◆ Can adjust the crimping position on the working table;
    ◆ The inner positioning is changed to the adjustable lift type;
    ◆ The above clamping device is equipped with second-displacement device;
    ◆ The height and thickness of outside positioning device can be adjusted;
    ◆ Add once again feeding adjustable pressure device;
    ◆ The clamping cylinder can move backward so it's convenient to place the profiles;
    ◆ It's convenient to change cutters with counters equipped.
    ◆ Parker patent, unique design.

    Voltage: 380V   50HZ
    Power: 7.5KW
    Air pressure: 0.5-0.8MPa
    Air consumption: 0.45L/time
    Hydraulic system pressure: 15MPa
    Oil tank capacity: 60L
    Corner assemble: 0-50mm
    Max. dimension of window: 1800x3000mm
    Max. dimension of window: 510x510mm
    Max. width of profile: 100mm
    Seam of crimping error: ≤0.15mm
    Overall dimension: 5450mm×1900mm×2500mm


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