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Daily maintenance of aluminum alloy doors and windows

Release date:2020-11-21 Visitors:

As a door and window equipment manufacturer, a large quantity of orders is aluminum door and window equipment. I don't know how much you know about the daily maintenance of this kind of equipment. Today, I'd like to popularize this problem with you.


Check mechanical parts and fasteners to prevent loosening. Every conveying part should be lubricated regularly, and the guide rail of movable head should be lubricated regularly every week. Keep a certain amount of oil in the oil cup. The circulating water in the water tank will be replaced every day. The water tank should be cleaned regularly every week. The nozzle should be checked regularly. The plug should be cleaned in time. Position plate fitter, working face of upper and lower pressure clamp and jaw shall be kept clean and free of oil, and shall be scrubbed every shift.
When it is not in use, the machine tool shall be cleaned up, and then the antirust work of circular guide rail and other moving parts shall be completed. The electrical control box shall be kept clean, cleaned frequently and dried with air gun. Regularly overhaul the power supply system on site, and check the phase and neutral line relationship of the power supply system. Check the high pressure hose regularly. Long term use of high-pressure hose will aging, damage everywhere, the pressure strength of the hose will decline. The air source processor needs to be cleaned regularly, and the pressure gauge needs to be adjusted properly. The storage environment of the machine should be kept dry and free of moisture and corrosive gas to avoid damage to the machine.
Frequently check whether the shower equipment needs to be added with coolant, check the mechanical screws and fasteners to prevent loosening and affecting the use, especially the travel switch behind the two heads. The machine should be kept clean. At the end of each shift, the chips should be cleaned in time, and the dust on the guide rail and the machine surface should be wiped. The exposed surface of the disc guide rail should be lubricated and coated with uniform coating. The equipment that is not used for a long time should be cleaned and maintained, and the protective cover can be properly covered.
Regular maintenance of aluminum alloy processing equipment can not only reduce the hidden danger, but also prolong the service life of the equipment and improve the working efficiency of the equipment. In fact, it is of great significance.

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