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PVC Door-Window Welding & Cleaning Produce Line  WPL130

Range of application:For upvc window-door process, can weld and corner clean 4 corners at one time.
Product introduction:

High efficiency production line for upvc window-door

  • Feature and Parameters


    ◆ Whole machine
    Used for automatically realizing the welding and cleaning of frame or sash, composed of welding unit, transfer unit, manipulator and corner cleaning unit, etc. Imported computer control system, with high reliability. Production ability between main units matched each other;Automatically program and select processing programs;Apply to high grade and mass windows production.
    ◆ Welding unit
    Horizontal structure arrangement for the stable running;Imported computer drive system ensured its high stability;Size error compensation is available and high accuracy;Special locating system and impaction device ensured its size precision;Strengthen the corner welding and achieve good corner cleaning effect;Support with proper design keeps the running stable. Auto profile discharging device.
    ◆ Cleaning unit
    Eight groups of different cutters can achieve the cleaning of corner welding; High processing efficiency for adopting four-axis servo-drive system;Imported computer system and drive system ensured its high reliability;
    Cutters with unneeded change can process more than one hundred profiles;Error compensation between arc and beeline is possible and good cleaning appearance given.
    ◆ Transfer unit& manipulator
    Transfer unit: used for automatically conveying the frame or sash after welding; Manipulator: used for transferring the frame or sash to the precise position. 

    Voltage: 380V   50HZ
    Total Power: 14KW
    Air pressure: 0.5-0.8MPa
    Air consumption: 200L/min
    Max. Welding: 3000 x 1800mm
    Min. Welding: 620 x 620mm
    Profile height: 20mm-120mm
    Max. profile width: 120mm
    Convey speed in the middle part: 30m/min
    Overall dimension: 12600mm x 6000mm x 1700mm
    Weight: 5500KG


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