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Water Purified Machine For Cleaning Glass PCG

Range of application:Wash raw glass, purified water
Product introduction:

Cleaning water equipment of water purified machine for cleaning Glass uses a new water treatment equipment This water purifier introduces domestic and foreign advanced technologies in water treatment process, makes traditional coagulation, sedimentation, clarification, filtration and disinfection purification process closely together, it becomes a new advanced water Purified Machine For Cleaning Glass

  • Feature and Parameters

    Multi-media filters.
    Activated carbon filter
    Softener is sodium ion exchange.
    EDA new desalination technology, is a kind of mutual electrodialysis and ion exchange demineralization combines new technology.
    Adopt hollow fiber ultrafiltration device.
    Reverse osmosis technology. Raw water, inorganic ions, bacteria, viruses, organic matter and colloids and other impurities can be removed, ultimately, to keep quality of pure water.
    Water purification equipment glass cleaning water equipment system uses a novel water treatment equipment, water purifiers in the series to attract domestic and foreign advanced technologies in water treatment processes, the traditional coagulation, sedimentation, clarification, filtration and disinfection purification process closely together, it becomes a new advanced centralized pure water treatment equipment. The device has a series of water from 0.25 to 10m / h, and other specifications for river water, water treatment mineral water, well water, pond, which is a special glass manufacturers for cleaning water supply equipment, purified water can also drink

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