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Five axis Gantry CNC machining Center PKG  PKG

Range of application:
Product introduction:

  • Feature and Parameters

    ●Using gantry frame structure, running more smoothly, improve the rigidity of the machine tool.
    ● Suitable for all kinds of aluminum, copper, PVC, industrial profiles and other complex parts processing. Can achieve a workpiece clamping automatically completed milling, drilling, tapping and other multi-process processing.
    ● Imported well-known brands, easy to operate high-end CNC control system from Italy.
    ● The use of high-quality imported servo motor, ball screw, linear guide and other bearings and other institutions to ensure that the equipment has a high processing accuracy. High stability, reliability. The feed movement is pre-stretched to ensure the stability of the machining accuracy.
    ● The machine adopts the imported five-axis milling head to finish the processing at any angle on the other side of the bottom surface. Optional vertical disc 8-bit magazine.
    ● The use of quantitative timing of the central centralized automatic feed lubrication to ensure the stability of the machine accuracy.
    ● Use pneumatic clamping table to improve loading and unloading speed. Optional T-type table.
    ● The use of imported Renishaw interferometer detection, compensation for the accuracy of the machine.
    ● Use safety protection to ensure safety.

    行程 STROKE
    X轴行程(Stroke for X axis) 7000(可定制)
    Y轴行程(Stroke for Y axis) 1000mm
    Z轴行程(Stroke for Z axis) 550mm
    B轴回转范围 ±185°
    C轴回转范围 ±320°
    主轴 SPINDLE
    主轴转速(Spindle Speed) 24000r/min
    主轴锥孔(Spindle Taper) HSK-63F
    主轴功率 15kw
    主轴至工作台距离 最低160mm,最高670mm
    刀库 TOOLS
    刀库款式(Tools Changer Format) 斗笠式
    刀库容量(Capacity Of Tools Magazine) 8
    X轴移动(X Axis Moving Speed) 0~60m/min
    Y轴移动(Y Axis Moving Speed) 0~30m/min
    Z轴移动(Z Axis Moving Speed) 0~30m/min
    B轴运行速度 Max166.7°/s
    C轴运行速度 Max166.7°/s
    润滑系统(Lubricating System) 自动润滑
    冷却系统(Cooling System) 微量雾化冷却
    X 轴定位精度(Position Precision Of X Axis) ±0.05 mm
    Y/Z 轴定位精度(Position Precision Of Y /Z Axis) ±0.02 mm
    重复定位精度(Repeating Position) ±0.01 mm
    电源(Power Supply) AC  380V  50Hz
    气压需求(Air Pressure) 0.5MPa – 0.8MPa
    机床承重 500kg/m
    重量(Weight) 24000kg
    占地面积(Area) 15500×3000mm
    数控系统 意大利欧塞
    伺服电机(Serve Motor) 日本安川
    减速机 X轴:台湾ATG
    主轴 意大利Hiteco
    扁平导轨 台湾 THK
    滚珠丝杠 Y/Z轴  台湾PMI
    齿轮、齿条 X轴  台湾KH
    低压电器 法国施耐德
    接线端子 德国魏德米勒
    继电器 法国施耐德
    电磁阀 台湾亚德客
    压力开关 日本SMC
    主轴气源干燥过滤器 日本SMC
    主轴增压器 日本SMC
    气缸 台湾亚德客

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