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Aluminum Corner Key Cutting Machine LJMJ-CNC-500B

Range of application:用于铝门窗角码的切割下料,CNC控制,自动送料自动切割
Product introduction:

  LJMJ-CNC-500BAluminum corner key cutting, cnc control, automatic feeding and cutting High efficiency, high precision, for large scale produce

  • Feature and Parameters


    ◆ For aluminium corner key cutting.
    ◆ High efficiency, high precision, for large scale produce.
    ◆ Automatically cutting and counting.
    ◆ When power is turned off suddenly, clamping devices keep fixing profiles to protect wokers and machine.
    ◆ Safe guards get down during cutting, arise after cutting.  
    ◆ Automatically feeding by servo motor driving ball screw.
    ◆ Imported high quality hard metal saw blade-WEMARO; servo motor and PLC-OMRON; touch screen-Eview; squar guide rail-HIWIN.


    Ø Name Aluminum CNC corner key cutting machine
    Ø Model LJMJ-CNC-500B
    Ø Power 380V/50HZ/2.6Kw
    Ø Rotary speed 2840rpm/min
    Ø Air pressure 0.5-0.8MPa
    Ø Air consumption 10L/min
    Ø Blade specification Φ500xΦ30x4.4 Z=120
    Ø Feeding length 5-700mm
    Ø Cutting width Max. 140mm
    Ø Cutting height Max. 140mm
    Ø Weight About 800Kg
    Ø Overall dimension About 1500x1600x1600mm

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