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Teach you how to choose aluminum doors and windows!

Release date:2020-12-02 Visitors:

Aluminum doors and windows are our daily home decoration choice more, and the thermal break aluminum doors and windows is a kind of excellent performance. Today, we should teach the manufacturers how to distinguish the aluminum doors and windows!
The same point: the general material and function are the same. The flat window with thermal break and non thermal break is made of aluminum alloy profile, and the sound insulation effect is very good. The appearance of flat window is the same, whether the two are distinguished by internal structure heat insulation.
Difference: as the name of the thermal break aluminum casement window shows, the two sides of the aluminum profile are aluminum alloy, and the middle is connected with nylon insulation strip. The function of the heat insulation rod is to keep the heat at the same time. It can cut off the high heat transfer of aluminum, so it is usually called thermal break. The window with thermal break has the function of heat preservation and heat insulation, which makes the family warm in winter and cool in summer.
There is no middle partition in non thermal break aluminum alloy flat window. It is made of aluminum alloy as a whole. The metal has the strongest thermal conductivity. Its defects of heat conduction, heat preservation and safety are less than those of thermal break. The price of thermal break aluminum flat window is higher than that of non thermal break.
The thermal break aluminum flat window is air tight, water tight and heat preservation performance is excellent. The double-layer hollow tempered glass is used. The flat window really shows the functions of sound insulation, heat insulation and heat preservation. The thermal break aluminum flat window may help families save heating and refrigeration costs, and the later income greatly exceeds the initial investment. The energy-saving and environmental protection doors and windows are the thermal break aluminum flat windows

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