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What parts are included in the processing of aluminum alloy doors and windows?

Release date:2020-11-30 Visitors:

Aluminum alloy door and window equipment is usually not an all-in-one machine, because the overall production process is relatively complex, so the production equipment also contains a lot of parts. These different parts are indispensable in different positions. What do they generally include?
Generally speaking, there is one precision double head cutting saw, one corner crimping machine, one punching machine, one end milling machine and one corner key cutting saw.
There are 1 intermediate and advanced CNC cutting saw, 2 corner crimping machines, 1 punching machine,  1 end milling machine,  1 CNC corner cutting saw.
Power requirement, 380 v. Three phase four wire system
Equipped with a compressor, other auxiliary tools, such as scissors, wallpaper knife, electric hand drill, impact drill, level, screwdriver, pliers, spanner, etc.
The gas path requires 1 inch PPR high pressure resistant pipe and seamless steel pipe.
If you have doubts about the purchase of aluminum alloy doors and windows equipment, you can consult us. As a professional manufacturer, we can solve your questions.

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