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English|Parker Double-head high-speed machining center

Release date:2017-07-07 Visitors:

Double-head high-speedmachining center for automobile sunroof successfully developed by PARKER andsuccessfully delivered to customers. 


 If intelligent equipmentmanufacturing can not adapt to the future development trend of industry 4.0 andmanufacturing 2025, can not meet the market needs of personalized and digital,it is difficult in the new wave of industrial revolution to survive and develop.Now in all aspects of consumption, personalized custom has penetrated into allaspects of people's daily lives. Inculding the clothing, daily supplies, car ,aircraft,personal tailor will gradually become the mainstream consumer. For example, well-knowndomestic and foreign car brands, has begun to adapt to customers to docustomization. In the design, production, marketing process, to the upstreamand downstream industry chain supporting the manufacturers to meet thecustomized requirements of the basic requirements.





 The second half of thisyear, the South for a Beijing BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai and other brands ofproducts supporting the well-known enterprises, signed 2 million sets of nearly500 million yuan of car panoramic sunroof processing custom contract.Nowadays,becausethe complex technology,product specifications,porcessing precision and qualityof product need to the high demand,but the existing processing equipment andtechnical can not meet customers’ needs,so now is badly in need of the specialmachining center to process the panoramic sunroof. 






  In earlyAugust, the company's purchasing specialist, technicist and leaders, withdrawings, materials and samples, at home and abroad to produce similarprocessing machining center of the manufacturers for the selection, and finallychoice the PARKER MACHINERY CO.,LTD, and start of the preparatory work.

When the technicist of PARKER get the design andtasks,start of study the technological requirements of the panoramic sunroof,andanalyze the material and technical standards,according to their ownexperience,quickly come up with a design solution, and has been recognized bythe enterprise engineering and technical experts. In the process ofdevelopment, the company's technicist have come to Parker to guard a pass for thedesign, production and processing technology,design and implementation programto ensure that the car sunroof double head machining center project smoothly. 



 After two months ofefforts, two double-headed high-speed machining center has passed theacceptance. The machining center not only for car sunroof for professionalprocessing, and can be widely used in high-speed rail, light rail train andother industrial aluminum products processing. Its precision, stability andprocessing efficiency and other indicators have reached the domestic advancedlevel, get customers a high degree of recognition,at present,the machine hasbeen delivered to customers, the first processing, its excellent performanceand performance, greatly exceeded customer expectations. 


 At present, PARKERaccording to the market requirement,start researched the personal anddepartment in the research and development of the machining center. The automotiveships, aerospace and other areas of industrial aluminum processing equipmentwill be customized more professional! 


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