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Parker Machinery Developing with World Industry 4.0 Trend

Release date:2017-07-07 Visitors:

   The concept of “Industry 4.0”, a high-tech strategic plan was first put forward by Germany which equivalent to the fourth industrial revolution. But compared with the previous three industrial revolutions,more emphasis on the use of large data, Internet of things, cloud computing and other advanced technology to complete them echanized production, to achieve the production process of 

automation,personalized, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.


   In the strategic choice of the fourth industrial revolution, China's strategy is to focus on the trend of a new round of industrial development, select the industry 4.0, launched the Chinese version of the Chinese manufacturing 2025, looking for opportunities to overtake, after the first system.


Parker Machinery Entered the Era of Industry 4.0



     With the German "industry4.0" concept more and more deep into the Chinese manufacturing enterprises, a new industrial revolution is coming. Parker machine had already abandon the past traditional mechanical manufacturing model few years ago andentered the industry 4.0 era which open up the “Intellectually win-door&curtain wall processing equipment manufactured in China. Relying on independent research and development and innovation capacity to China's doors and windows curtain wall manufacturing industry to achieve "industry 4.0 manufacturing”, took a delightful and solid step and achieve the synchronous docking between the China 's doors and windows curtain wall digital factory and the world.


Industry 4.0, which is to turn the machine into a man, into a superman,into an intelligent person.



    Recently, Parker machines to send customers a number of curtain wall CNC machining equipment, it is the use the intelligent manufacturing in China on the field of production and processing, the perfect combination of machines and robots make the "industry 4.0" concept more specific.


Parker machinery practice industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing.


     Whether it is Germany's "Industry 4.0 manufacturing" or China's "China-made 2025 strategy", areinvariably put forward the "smart manufacturing" concept. Intelligent manufacturing can not be separated from the innovation of science and technology, China doors, windows and curtain wall processing equipment manufacturing even more. so In recent years, Parker has developed a number of intelligent processing equipment, have access to a number of patent certification.


High Speed 4 Axis CNC Machine Center

➤ Took the lead through four national invention patents


3 Axis Heavy Duty CNC Machine Center

➤ Has passed three nationalinvention patents

➤ 2 utility model patents

➤ 1 design patent


Aluminum High-speed drilling andmilling center

➤ Has passed two national invention patents

➤ 2 utility model patents


Aluminum Profile 3 Axis CNC Any angle cutting saw

➤ Has passed four national invention patents

➤ 3 utility model patents

➤ 2 design patents

     "Industry 4.0" is not just a revolutionin manufacturing, but a more profound change, innovation model, business model,service model, industry chain and value chain will produce a revolutionary change, while the manufacturing revolution is only industry 4.0 basic conditions.In the future, Parker machines will still wander in the blue sky of the industrial revolution, for the Chinese doors, windows and curtain wall manufacturing sail voyage.

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