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Chinese Window Door And Curtain Wall Industry-The 9M Enterprise Ecological System

Release date:2014-12-12 Visitors:

  一、What is 9M?

  9M Enterprise Ecological System, covering Manpower , Machinery ,Materials , and the Methods , Mother - nature , Message, Measurement, Marketing , Money , and other nine words.


  1. Manpower:  In human resources refers to the enterprises play a role of subjective initiative in the floorboard of the various concrete strength.

  2.The Machinery is composed of a metal or other material, by the number of parts and components, in one or several power driven, able to complete the production, processing, operation, and other functions or utility of the device.

  3.Material: outside of the final product, in the field of production flow of all materials (regardless of their data from production and life), fuel, parts, semi-finished products, outsourcing, and inevitably produced during the production of leftover bits of material, waste, and all kinds of wastes are collectively referred to as "materials".

  4.Methods: Technology is used by the people in the process of technical practices of the floorboard of the various methods, procedures, rules, techniques, it helps people to solve the "what", "how to do" and "how to do better".Technique is a kind of practice, people use technical knowledge and experience in the technical activities, select appropriate technology and methods, or create a new method to complete set of technical targets.

  5.Mother - nature: refers to some interdependence, mutual restriction, changing a system composed of various factors, affecting enterprise management decision and the realities of production and business operation activities a collection of various factors. his definition, not specifically to the external environment of enterprise, also not specifically to a firm's internal environment or certain aspects of the internal environment, but refers to an environmental system; eflects both the content and function of enterprise environment, also reflects the basic characteristics of enterprise environment.

  6.Message: information, the general thought is a new content, new knowledge.Such as recorded by material carrier signal, data, instructions, situation, all can be contained in the message transmission and exchange of knowledge content.Involved in the modern enterprise management information, is mostly technical and economic information.

  7.Measurements: is according to certain rule, use data to describe the observed phenomenon, namely to make a quantitative description of things.Measurement is a process of the quantitative physical quantification.In mechanical engineering, measurement refers to speak is measured with the amount of standard unit of measurement on the numerical comparison, to determine the ratio of the experimental process.

  8.Marketing: refers to the need to organize the production according to the market products, and through the marketing means to give to customers of the product throughout the process.Marketing is a systems engineering, and support the whole marketing system mainly has four links:

           The first ring: product
           The second: profitable way
           The third ring: sales channels
           The first sihuan: transmission channel

  9. Money: refers to the asset management business;Countries to develop national economy supplies or currency.

  二、what is the content of the enterprise ecological system?


  Enterprise ecological system, beyond the traditional value chain, supply chain, management chain, capital chain, business philosophy and business model.Is related to suppliers, dealers, outsourcing services company, finance institutions, key technology providers, manufacturers of complementary and alternative products, including competitors, customers, and business stakeholders such as regulators and the media in a block.Integrated value chain, industry chain, talent chain, capital chain as a whole dynamic system.Species, and the natural ecological system of the enterprise ecological system in every company eventually casting and the entire enterprise ecological system.When making company strategy, therefore, not only focus on the company itself, also should consider global, understand the health of ecological system, and the company's role in the system. trategy based on the ecological system not only make the company itself, but also benefit all members system together, so as to form the virtuous circle of the chain makes possible the sustainable and healthy development of the company.

  The characteristics 

  Through mutual trust, tacit understanding cooperation, gathered in a favorable area, no matter in the aspect of information, or aspects such as technology and resources or services acquired has low search cost, transaction cost and transportation cost advantage;At the same time, companies within the group can give full play to its advantages, in such aspects as design, service, model to implement differentiation.Because enterprise on benefit allocation mechanism within a cluster to the intangible together, they are in the area within the organization formed with one voice, in dealing with the external environmental uncertainty (technology, market and policy) can rapid response, in the aspect of time can be ahead of competitors and to gain a competitive advantage.

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