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I am the brightest boy of the Parker machine

Release date:2020-11-21 Visitors:

I am the brightest boy of the Parker machine
I am Parker Machine
The brightest boy
Corner crimping are efficient and fast
Single head machine crimps four times
I can get one frame once crimped.
From Aluminum Profile to Window Door
It's so easy for me

The Big brother of the Corner crimping machine is me
Four corners be crimped at one time
Independent control cabinet, free to move, easy to control
One-time crimping makes quality of the window frame on the corner joints and surface flatness
Makes window frame quality predictable
Work efficiency greatly improved 

Winning in details
Specially designed anti-dislocation device, auxiliary brakers
Double time cutter crimps design to ensure frame corners be crimped synchronization
The scrap rate is greatly reduced
Adopted servo motor system and PLC control system, achieved 4 corners preloaded automatically
Automatic adjustment of the window frame size
The inner and outer positioning blocks are adjustable up and down, and can be used in stacks
\   \   \
The brightest boy of the door and window machines
you deserve to have me

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