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European Technology Serving the World--Parker Machinery

Release date:2018-12-10 Visitors:

Founded in 2003, Parker Machinery has been committed to provide the world with high end window and doors machines, curtain wall machines, industrial aluminum processing intelligent equipment and digital syste mservice, headquartered in Hi-tech Development Zone, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China.

Through the corporation with German professional R & D institutions and international brands in-depth, Parker has achieved great success in the area of window & door corner crimping system, glass cutting & assembling and so on. With more than 50 patents, Parker Machines have been exported into over 80 countries and regions worldwide and set up regional branch in the United States, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Vietnam and other places. Its products have passed the European Union CE, the United States UL, Canada CSA certification.

In recent years with the domestic market has become more mature and perfect, Parker has provided a good foundation for overseas markets expanding. In order to meet the standard of modern industry of aluminum processing center constantly upgrading and higher precision requirements, Parker introduced an advanced processing center laser interferometer. When some Vietnamese customers and their Chinese agents come to visit, they pulled a great interest to this, and also give great compliment to Parker aluminum processing equipment in the field of breakthrough progress and achievements.

At the same time, with domestic and abroad market continue to be expanded, PARKER service is also constantly improving. Whether it is to meet customer demand for emergency work overtime, day and night rush, or provide  new equipment training in any country of the world, Parker always put providing excellent service as highest priority. Work conscientiously with dedication as always.

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