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Chairman of Shandong Parker Nuoer Machinery CO.,LTD accept the interview of CCTV

Release date:2014-12-12 Visitors:

  A few days ago, China Education Network Television invited, Chairman of Shandong Parker Nuoer Machinery CO., LTD., Mr. Yang Yong , and Secretary of the Jinan Engineering College, Mr.Wang Kai,  attended the interview program "the power of a dream", ent parker machine in recent years to participate in social public welfare activities, university-enterprise cooperation, for the industry and social practice and thinking of cultivating professional talents and on the present status of the national vocational education and training of the subject carried on the thorough analysis.


  For many years, Parker Company pay attention to the training of enterprise, and professional institutes to carry out the "production" docking, especially of jinan and the first domestic Windows and doors curtain wall engineering professional technology institute and college cooperation, give play to the role of the enterprise should have, successively for Windows and doors curtain wall college gratis provide internship equipment and venues, provide software and hardware support for the training of talents, enterprise at the same time of rapid development, and achieved good social benefits.


  Park machine will continue to focus on social talents grow and develop vocational education, industry, and the faculty of Windows and doors curtain wall to conduct more in-depth exchanges and cooperation, for industry high-quality professional talents, to make due contribution to the enterprise.

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