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JOYDAN Window Door System Visit Parker

Release date:2014-12-12 Visitors:


  On September 29, Wang Ping, general manager of Joydan door and window system to visit Parker industrial park .Parker, chairman Mr.Yang Yong accompanied by related leaders, the two sides talked about windows and doors curtain wall equipment and building system how the doors and Windows docking and fusion, reached a consensus, laid a firm foundation for the further cooperation.


  Liaoning Joydan Building System CO., LTD., as "the founder of the doors and Windows system", is the world's first set of system research, development, production and testing of materials and the design of doors and Windows company, production, installation as one of the system, the main products are insulated Windows and doors, curtain wall, such as rail system of aluminium building products. Doors and Windows in the Joydan system "use our product to make people live more happiness" as the core, adopt systematic, standardized management, optimization of the system, professional research and development of the necessary accessories and standardized construction, set up the new standard of the industry, leading the development of domestic aluminum industry building system, the building energy saving is of great historical significance!



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