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Advantages of development of insulating glass equipment industry

Release date:2017-08-22 Visitors:

30 years of reform and opening up, China's rapid economic development, people's living standards continue to improve. The insulating glass also have a huge change.
In these years, the Insulating glass making machine’s technology and equipment level made a great process, the industrial structure is constantly optimized. With the increasing share of the international market, the scale of production is continuously expanding. 
In recent years, China insulating glass industry have a good development. According to rough statistics, Safe, coated and insulating glass annual output of nearly 680 million square meters, 170 million weight box, processing rate of 32%. New functions of insulating glass are also emerging, such as dimming, temperature control insulating glass, solar insulating glass and so on. At present, China's own research and development of insualting glass, laminated glass, coating glass equipment, can produce safety, energy saving, environmental protection, noise insulation, ecology, electronic and other functions, high quality insulating glass.
With the promotion of energy saving and emission reduction and the improvement of people's awareness of energy conservation, the application of insulating glass is more and more widespread. The popularity of insulating glass has led to the rapid development of the insulating glass equipment industry. At present, both in the north and south, both insulation and insulation, cold insulation, insulating glass equipment, insulating glass has a good advantage. From the original high-grade residential to the current ordinary residential, insulating glass has been widely used, for the vast rural market, the prospects for insulating glass industry is still immeasurable. The use of insulating glass will inevitably lead to the prosperity of the insulating glass processing equipment industry, and will also promote the development of glass related industries.
Insulating glass equipment industry as an emerging industry, has about 10 years of development, but the rapid development of the real is after 06 years, the industry already has a certain scale, but is still not a very standardized standard, each equipment is similar, and the difference in details.
The difference caused by the different parts of the maintenance, customer service depends on the manufacturers, the industry of high cost, because each of the parts produced by theirself, and it’s difficult to large-scale production. Jinan Parker machinery specializing in the development of insulating glass processing equipment for more than 20 years, specializing in the production of high-end insulating glass equipment, welcome to call us at 0531-88075288. 



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